Lindsay Chyz – Addictions Counselor


Lindsay Chyz - A 300x300My name is Lindsay Chyz and I work for Alberta Health Services as an Addictions Counselor. I am based out of the Addiction & Mental Health Clinic in Medicine Hat and have been travelling to Oyen on weekly basis since July, 2015. I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Lethbridge where I obtained a Bachelors degree in Health Sciences. I began working with Alberta Health Services in 2013 on the children’s team at Addiction & Mental Health. Part of my role was focused on facilitating in-clinic groups and providing targeted and universal prevention services in the school system. The other half of my role was focused on tobacco reduction. As of 2014, my focus shifted to working with the adult population.

My current role is to provide counselling for individuals concerned about their alcohol, substance use, and/or gambling. I also meet with individuals concerned about someone else’s alcohol, substance use, and/or gambling and facilitate various groups that are held at the clinic. In my role, I offer a warm and welcoming environment so that individuals feel comfortable discussing their concerns in a non-judgemental atmosphere. Together, I work with the person to try and find a way to move forward in a positive way. I understand that at the end of the day, the process of change needs to happen at an individual level.

In the first appointment you can expect to undergo an addiction assessment and be provided with appropriate options available for treatment. If you are concerned about your own or someone else’s involvement in alcohol, drugs, and/or gambling and are interested in speaking with someone about it, in a strictly confidential manner, I welcome you to contact me at 403-529-3500.

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