Medicine Hat Women’s Shelter Domestic Violence Outreach Worker

A bit about me – My name is Aimee Sarsons and I am the Community Education & Awareness worker with the Medicine Hat Women’s Shelter Society. I am married with two boys. I have a Bachelor degree in Social Work and am a registered Social Worker with the Alberta College of Social Work. I have a passion for educating people about family violence. I am available for presentations in your community as well as for one to one meetings with people who are experiencing abuse or people who want to change abusive behaviours. If anyone has concerns outside of my scope I will refer them appropriately.

Some of the presentations available are:

Hands Are Not For Hitting: Presentation for elementary school children to begin talking about all of the things hands can do. During the presentation, children receive a Hands are not for Hitting t-shirt that they can decorate and take home.

Healthy Relationships: Presentation for Junior High and High School aged students to educate on types of abuse, understanding the dynamics involved in abusive relationships and learning what a healthy, respectful relationship looks like. Consent can be discussed during the presentation as well. Facilitators are available if students need to talk afterward.

Consent: A conversation about consent can be offered as a separate presentation or as part of the Healthy Relationships presentation. Consent is discussed within the safe class atmosphere. Facilitators are available if students need to talk afterward.

Family Violence and Your Workplace: Presentation to organizations who want more information on family violence and the workplace. These sessions can be tailored to the organization’s requirements and can focus on how to recognize and support individuals who are experiencing violence; recognize effects of family violence in your workplace; how to respond to an employee’s family violence situation and more.

Family Violence 101: This presentation will teach the basics about family violence to community members. Sometimes a mix of this presentation and Family Violence and your Workplace can be done as well.

Other presentations may be available depending on need, I am always willing to discuss ideas!