Communities in Action
CIA is a registered Drug & Alcohol Coalition of Alberta whose passion is to take action on social issues and concerns within our community.
The work of the coalition focuses on activities and programs that foster social development across generations. These actions are supported through grants and our strong partnerships with service providers and community members who are committed to our vision.

Some of CIA’s ongoing successes include:

Every September, we host an Activity Fair at the arena, which is a showcase of the many sporting and recreational activities and social service providers in the area. Parents have the opportunity to sign their children up for various activities and there is a community BBQ and entertainment for all to enjoy.


Students from the OPS Grade 2 class planting the garden in May, 2016

Since 2014, we have organized the Community Garden, located West of the Seniors Lodge. Every year we partner with elementary students and seniors in the Lodge and community to plant and harvest the garden. In the summer, we host a Garden Party at the Lodge with tea, goodies and a garden tour. Everyone is welcome.

CIA meetings are open to all interested community members and service providers. We provide opportunities to talk about what’s going on in the various agencies around the table and issues in the communities. Together we discuss grant opportunities and gather proposals for actions and programs we would like in our communities. If you would like to come to one of these meetings, please contact the FCSS office at 664-2255 to be updated when the next meeting takes place.

RCMP giving positive tickets to students at OPS

RCMP giving positive tickets to students at OPS

In partnership with the RCMP and the REAL Program, we give out positive tickets to community members being responsible citizens. Throughout the year, we give out air fresheners to drivers during routine RCMP check-stops that thank them for ‘Keeping our Community Safe’, tickets and coffee vouchers on vehicles that are left overnight at drinking establishments, as well as tickets and candy to kids who wear their bike helmets and use the crosswalks safely.

Over the years, we have brought in several training sessions and workshops free of cost for our community. Some of these include: Family Violence 101, First Responders Training to Sexual Assault, Elder Abuse, Community Helpers.

Paintball trip in 2014 to Medicine Hat

Paintball trip in 2014 to Medicine Hat

Youth engagement and mentorship is a pillar of CIA’s actions and success. Collaborating with community partners, such as REAL, the Family School Liaison Worker, FCSS Youth Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator, we have organized and hosted several events for youth. This includes an annual Girls Night for girls in grades 6-9, Finding Kind, Paintball event for boys in grades 9-12, School mentoring programs in Oyen Public School, New Brigden School and Warren Peers School.

Through grants, we have been able to bring in renowned speakers to engage students and greater community to talk about important issues. This includes NHL player Sheldon Kennedy who spoke about child abuse and domestic violence, Crash Test Dummies Drummer, Mitch Dorge, to talk about drugs and alcohol, and Holocaust Survivor, Eva Olssen to speak about the travesties of war and hate.